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By: Tope Koleoso & Adrian Warnock

To become a Christian and to live as a Christian both stems from the Gospel. Life as we are living it, is 9781781914304 war; I believe. I really wish it could be compared to having a picnic forever. Or to put it another way, I wish life was like living in a tropical island beach, like Bazaruto in Mozambique with no worries. But ever since our first parents disobeyed God. Man has been put in a state of confusion both internally and eternal. Not only has our state of being; corrupted, but the world that we live in as well. We all, no matter our philosophical or religious persuasions are clambering to hold on to something that truly satisfies. Man is looking for freedom. This Freedom could only be found in one Person, Jesus Christ.

In Hope Reborn, Pastor Tope Koleoso and Adrain Wornnack (MD), presents to us the Good News that connects sinners to God and reminds saved or reformed people the rock of their salvation.

The foundation of our Christian life; is the single most important aspect of our walk with God. Hope Reborn outlines the steps we can take to benefit from the work of Christ by becoming saved. It answers and clarifies truths by removing doubts that may tag in our minds and faithfully outlines the means to a better more fulfilling Christian life. The book takes us from nibbling at the Gospel to real hungry consumers of the Truth.

Also, Hope Reborn talks about our depravity as men, sin, the Righteousness of God, Grace, it expound the gospel, reveals the Heart of God and highlights the Supremacy of Jesus Christ as the savior of man.

It would be such an indelible resource to have not to be kept on shelves but to constantly imbibe in it truths. I recommend the book to all Christians. It would be a good resource for small groups, churches and families.

It has been a while since i listed any of my readings. I’m very sorry for taking a sabbatical leave without any prior notice. Here a list of some books you may have missed.

Future Grace, Revised Edition: The Purifying Power of the Promises of God – John Piper

future grace

“Daily grace is to the heart what daily bread is to the body. It gives straight. without it we can’t live and we can’t work” Kindle Loc (1340)

Finally Free: Fighting for Purity With the Power of Grace – Heath Lambert 

finally free
“Pornography is a plague that has destroyed countless lives and can also destroy yours. The sobering truth is that you do not have the resources to change within yourself.”

Taking God At His Word: Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me – Kevin DeYoung

Taking God at His Word

“The purpose of Holy Scripture is not ultimately to make you smart, or make you relevant, or make you rich, or get you a job, or get you married, or take all your problems away, or tell you where to live. The aim is that you might be wise enough to put your faith in Christ and be saved” Kindle Loc (1393)

School of Obedience – Andrew Murray