There have been occasions where some friends, subtly made statement like this “You guys are being deceived. You work and give your money to your Pastor. The Pastor ‘dey’ Chop your money”.
The idea of giving offering and giving of a Tithe, is very upsetting to some people. It is a spiritual discipline and i believe only those who are called can do it without a sense of loss.

So here are 5 responses I have given for giving in Church.

1. To begin, it is not my money. It is Gods’. Work is a gift from God to man. Just like all of God’s gift to us, it is made for our Joy. Man is the only being in the universe with power, ability and the will to work, to invent, create and to enjoy it. Animals perform certain autonomous activities but inherently they can’t enjoy it. Unlike us, they don’t have a choice. They are made to continually do what they do without passion. The blessedness of being made man is revealed in work. That’s why I give to God’s glory and for my Joy.

2. I don’t give my money to the Pastor as a person per se; I give to the church which has a vision to spread God’s word to all people groups in every nation and to the poor among us. The Church like any human organization, function by the help of people and uses facilities that costs money to manage and deploy. They have people and bills to pay. That includes the Pastor, and I’m honored to put my money in a cause that I believe in. This is why i give my money to my Pastor. God does not need my money neither does my Pastor. But it pleases me, because it makes me happy to give to the most important cause on earth. Giving is a pathway for Joy.

3. I don’t also look at the church(denomination) or the Pastor to give. Giving is a spiritual gift. It is second nature to a saved soul. It is one of the greatest miracles of life. Giving in poverty. I give not in my abundance but also in my poverty. Why? because a christian’s greatest desire is in God and not in the pleasures of what money can buy. Yes, material wealth can bring us happiness but the happiness and Joy in God, surpasses the most amazing material gift ever received here on earth. It’s a miracle!. I have tasted the goodness of the Lord, so i give.

4. It is not that i don’t believe in supporting non religiously founded causes. I do when i have the opportunity but giving in church is not an alternative to giving to non-religious organizations. Giving to one is not equal to the other. As i said, the greatest cause in the universe is to spread the word of God to all men, among every nation. It is to me the first and most important charitable organization. The first need of man is not a borehole or a cancer cure. I say this with a lot of respect to giving to causes, whether it is for research in any field, alleviating poverty, science, education etc. I work free for an NGO that seeks to promote human development in areas such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria & Food. In spreading the word of God, the church’s most important human endeavor is to make life better for others especially the poor around the world. We do a lot with regards to giving to the deprive and marginalized locally and internationally regardless of religion or beliefs. Unlike others we have a different aim. To make people find their true satisfaction, not by what we give, whether houses, water, medicine, clothing, education and many more. We want men to find their hope and security in life in Jesus Christ. That is why i give to my ‘Pastor’.

5. Finally, the most important reason why i give my money to my Pastor is that, it is evident that i died to this world. Money is good and very powerful, it is useful to many aspect of life. We all crave for it because it gives us a sense of worthiness and control of our lives. The lack of it could also make a us despair. The ruling king of this world is money but my King is Jesus Christ. In our Kingdom there is no money. All things are for us . My only use of money is on earth and it has to be control by the protocols and dictate of our Father in Heaven. I have learned to use it as He instructs even for my comfort. It helps us achieve many things but its spirit opposes the glory of God, it seeks its on glory. My Pastor is accountable to us on how money is used but he/she is most accountable to God. I willingly focus on giving as a means for God to change me not for me to change my circumstance or the world for my glory.

I hope you find this meaningful and join in the pathway for joy; that God has established through giving, especially in our finances for His Glory. Shalom!

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