Pastor Mensa Otabil has been Raising Leaders, Shaping Vision Influencing Society Through Christ. He is the Founder and General-Overseer of the International Central Gospel churches, which has a network of local assemblies in Ghana, Europe, the United States, Canada and other parts of Africa. He serves as Senior Pastor of ‘Christ Temple’.

“Never compare the quantity of people around you to the quality of people around you. You can have a 1000 people around you and still get wrong advice from all of them”

“If you look down on yourself, nobody will look up to you. God believes in you. Don’t devalue yourself.”

“The Liberator is Jesus the Son of the Living God and when you come to Him,He does not just liberate your spirit, He also liberates your mind and your thinking. He re-defines your history and puts you on a winning path. We need Jesus to liberate us because He is the connection to our true history!”

“When you talk about the problems of Africa, people will say “well, but you are talking about the big problems, I don’t want to hear about Africa’s problems, I want to hear about my own problems.” What you fail to understand is that your own problems are the reflection of bigger problems.”

“You will never be successful living life comparing yourself to others. Run your own race and run at your own pace!”

“I can’t do everything in one day; what I start today, I can continue tomorrow.”

“You can turn any failure into success. You can have victory in any area of your life. I see many people who have so many problems, but everybody can be victorious in any area.”

“Paying attention to detail results in excellent performance.”

“No matter what prison you are in, nobody can imprison the power of your imagination”

“When the purpose of a thing is ignored abuse is inevitable.”

” The error that God brings to my attention is error He wants to deliver me from”

” In making choices there is the gate, the path and there is the destination”

“Leaders are leaders before they start leading”

“Your life begun in God’s mind”

Quotes was compiled from various sermons and books.

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  • Kwame Mantey

    My best has been “no matter the prison you are in, no one can imprison your power of imagination”.. God bless Dr. Otabil, he has been a great influence on my life…